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Vancouver Makeup School & FX Training

Vancouver FX Studio is a privately run training facility providing a supportive and creative environment for artists from all backgrounds and styles.

If you are an aspiring artist our classes are for you!

Vancouver FX offers weekly classes on special effects make-up, airbrushing & bodypainting, prosthetic and mask sculpture.

Classes are on weekday evenings from 7pm-10pm and weekends 10am-6pm.

Enrollment is open to all Adults, College Students, and High School students. Choose only the courses and techniques you want to learn!

Have questions about a class or need more information? Contact us by phone (778) 968-4776 or Email Here

Read What Past Student Graduates Have To Say About Our FX Classes!

I started taking classes with Vancouver FX Studio several months ago. Dallas has been exceptional, he has gone above and beyond my expectations as an instructor. Under his direction, and with his assistance I was able to mold and complete my first mask. I would not be where I am today without his feedback and guidance. Dallas lives the lifestyle of a production artist. I've seen him complete dozens of film production works in my time with him, his breadth and depth of knowledge is invaluable for any aspiring production artists. This is not your typical class with theoretically useful lessons, this puts you right next to a motivated and driven professional performing his craft on a daily basis.

Micheal H

Taking classes at Vancouver FX Studio has made a dream I never thought could come true possible. I am extremely thankful for everything the classes have taught me. I have become a much stronger artist and have finally found a career that I can have fun doing. Not only have I gained skills and knowledge, I have also made very strong friendships and connections. Everything from meeting fellow monsters to classes is an amazing, worthwhile experience. I recommend these classes to anyone, whether you want to go into the industry or are just curious, I can assure that you will have a blast.

Kait D

VFX is the best thing that has happened to me since moving to Vancouver! I can't say enough good things about Dallas, he is kind, generous person with so much knowledge to share. Dallas has a very gentle approach and really coaches an artist through the process of bringing their creature to life – from conception to application. As a student at VFX I benefited from witnessing the problem solving required by this make-up team to complete their own professional film work. Dallas really stresses the importance of having reference material at every step of the process and using nature as a springboard for inspiration. Safety and the sequence of appropriate steps is constantly being reinforced as other students complete their projects and through the current film projects that Dallas is working on. The environment at VFX is very laid back, but everyone works very hard, and the energy and excitement that students and instructors bring to class every week is infectious! I am so happy to have found Special Effects Makeup and the VFX team, I look forward to learning more about the technical side of the field and growing as an artist in this varied and ever changing art form!

Debby G

I took the sculpting for beginners class to improve my organic sculpting skills and I could not have made a better choice. Dallas is a fantastic teacher and his passion for sculpting and anatomy is infectious. My sculpting has improved dramatically after taking this class and I can't wait to take another one!

Danielle A

I'm really happy to have come to Canada and taken classes at Vancouver FX Studio. I took almost every class from Introduction To Special FX Makeup, Prosthetic FX class , airbrush class and teeth workshops. I learnt a lot of things such as how to sculpture, how to make a mold, etc ...and the airbrush class is really helpful for me when I came back to Thailand . I have a good time with all my classmates, specially my teacher Dallas, he is an inspiring teacher. Many thank to Vancouver FX Studio. I hope to comeback there one day soon.

Dai T

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